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Monday, April 27


Having the W's blog link to mine for the 2nd time using BlogRoll provided by Blogger, I still cannot get instant update from him. He checked with other site and it is working fine but not mine. Weird?

Anyway, congrats for his purchase on flickr account!

Weather seem good to me yesterday and to think I slept with Cait in the living room the whole night. Mom is over tired and slept 7hrs straight from 7pm. So I decided to take over the duties by taking care of Cait. Everyone kinda sound asleep because I been attending to her the whole night. Wifey did help out around 1am and then went back to sleep as I told her to, because she got to pump.

5am, Cait woke up again and mom finally took over the duty and carry her to the room and sleep. For me, I continue to sleep till 8am this morning in my room.

Tired but at least helped out my mom not to let her over drain. She will be going to NUH today for her review, hope everything will be fine.

Tonight I will start my first IPT, which going to be IPPT, great to see Yusman and Leonard later on. Pity that JJ cannot make it as he got to attend for dinner later on.

I am so anticipate for this!

Oppo BDP-83 Universal Blu-ray Disc Player

I do not think I will have the extra $ for this! LOL

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