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Friday, April 17

Friday nonsense

Never judge the book by it's cover!

Good job! Her voice is terrific!

As mom got to go to NUH for checkup, I have to stay home and take care of baby, at the same time, my aunt also drop by to let us sign the insurance policy for baby Cait. I am feeling steamer as I felt that I do not have enough sleep. In fact, I kinda feel hungry easily these few days! Baby Cait is growing well and all the photos and video can be view either on my facebook updates or our blog.

During the discussion of the policy, mom called up and told me that she going home because the scan is horrifying for her. According to her, before the entire body scan, they need to apply something for her and there's some scan involve, but during this time, mom suddenly felt so terrible and heart began to pump very fast. The doctor mentioned that mom had not get the injection yet! She been told to give up and re scan on Monday which will take 6hrs. Everything had to break into 2 sessions as to suit her. A pity that another injection had been used up, if not she can take the first part today and the rest on Monday. So, I went to JE to fetch her as to save time. She was complaining about the pain and discomfort! Felt that eating the food is so good! Like wifey said before, even plain water also taste sweet! lol

Submitted my stuff to Veer and Getty yesterday night. Hoping for good news to come by. I also request for sending of music to Getty too. Finger cross!

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