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Friday, April 24

Congrats to my new blog skin!

Finally, a new blog skin done up nicely then last time! Spent around 20min figuring some issue, and glad that all the hard effort paid off! There's quite a few themes that I do like it a lot, but due to some error found on the blog, I decided to give up on those skin and select this instead.

If you notice on the right side of the blog, I had removed a lot links and keep it as simple as it is. All these link are one of the most headache I had whenever I decided to change the layout! The HTML is killing me to copy and paste!

I also decided to use the Blog Roll provided by Blogger because it allow to detect the latest entry from my fellow friends by feed. It is easier to locate their entry also and the line up is by the latest entry.

Using phone to blog is no issue anymore, but the camera output will be a bit down because I did not process it before uploading to either flickr and blog. This way, I am able to keep the photos and at the same time blog out. Not necessary that every photo must go through process. Maybe I should start a mobile phone photo on both flickr and facebook group. Maybe there's a lot of people interested in it!

As for the start,


Sometimes, we just did not really notice our surrounding and miss out that.

Toilet roll cover
Been bored, so try out the nokia 5800 camera on this shot.

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