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Saturday, April 25

Addiction on phone flickr

Since Nokia phone allow me to use flickr to upload my photos after snapping it, I cannot resist it by doing it anywhere, any time! I am just feeling fun by snapping these and upload to my photo album.

Line of light
How often will we miss the sun light shine on floor? This actually along the corridor.

The tile
Floor covered with tiles which we always step on it. Yellow line as guide.

Circles of suction which prevent it from slipping off.

To be frank, I really do not know the day recently because of my daughter. I suddenly had the feeling and thoughts like, where's my weekend tho. Maybe partly due to my wife confinement which we got to stay at home every weekend! LOL. Anyway, we kept on going to nearby around like BPP and Lot One to run some grocey shopping. Went to SS and Lot 1 today, and gotten my taka voucher from Nokia shop as this is given by Hello shop for 5800 handset customer. Great that I have one more voucher and that means, shopping time soon!

For that, I realised that I still have around $80 worth of Capitamall voucher! Can I actually use for buying battery at John 3:16? Or should I go to Challenger and buy my external hdd for backup purposes? Still struggling and thinking about it.

I got a urge of getting Guitar Heroes: Metallica! Pity that I cannot find bundle guitar with that game, and seriously speaking, I do not mind the original Metallica guitar heroes! LOL. If my coll is getting Wii, I think I can sell my OEM guitar because it is officially white elephant! I do not think I will have time to play until 2 mths later!

We spent quite a lot on things which are for Cait, so what are the thing we buy for ourself? Ok, I got my phone and how about about my wifey? Maybe she should deserve something good and nice.  Look like I will get MSIG for my insurance since I can go by installment, but if there's a choice, I rather pay in full.

Everyone who is reading my blog, click on the advertisement if you think it is suitable for you, because I added Adsense to my blog account, which is one way of earning money. I tried having Passion done up, but sad to say that the image is way too long for me.

I will appreciate whoever want to advertise their stuff on my blog as to allow me to get some earning cash. I'm just been frank to say that I really wanted to earn more cash now because of my kid.

Typically speaking, I really hope to do some short review for certain items which can be part time for me. I love to blog, type, advertise to people who are interested.

I almost forgot that I am returning back to Maju camp next Monday for IPT! First and last day for just IPPT and subsequent 6 lesson are purely training. Of course I hope to see the NS PTI again! His training on building on every part of muscle really works well rather then the usual stupid RT training for IPT. I am so looking forward to it because of keeping fit and train up, most importantly, keeping myself in good shape!

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