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Thursday, March 19

Up to LCK last Sunday

Since Qing Ming is around the corner,without fail, everyone gather much earlier then before and head up to LCK to pray to Ah Gong. It was around 10am at that time and the sun is pretty harsh. Glad that the rain came after we left. Wifey is unable to go due to preganancy and got to work until noon.

Qing Ming is here again and we are at LCK Cemetery praying to Ah Gong.

As usual, mom will prepare some food for everyone and obviously that they missed her curry! But pity to say that this year, we do not have tentage because one of the uncle got to work that day.

So everyone is under the super duper hot sun. We also pray that there's no rain as well.

Cleaning the area before placing the food for Ah Gong to 'enjoy'

Part of the gift for him. Ciggie and massage chair. I really wonder how he gonna use it in netherworld tho.

Starting to prepare the food and place it nicely

It is almost settle

The whole food been display out. On the left, yes, that's ah gong money and gifts. IMHO, the offering is quite grand.

Closer look at the entire items

While Ah Gong is enjoying, all of us got to do it as well. Due to there's no tentage, the nice workers who work at the cemetery allow us to use the shelter under the tree.

Windy, feeling good and yes, lots of food. As most of them have not take the breakfast, the food finish up pretty fast tho.

Look at everyone hunger for food.

Pinic at cemetery is fun.. but once a year.

Of course, getting the 4D is important too!

Getting the numbers right.... sorry, cannot tell.

Mum miss ah gong so much and she cannot resist by taking a pic with him. Yes, I miss him too even though the time is short.

Ha! Mum felt so smoky there!

Ah gong gonna receive all the goodies!

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