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Friday, March 27

snap snap!

Raindrop is something I love to see always. I can't resist it and park by the road side at the lonely road and took a photo of it. Here it is, rain feel droplets on my windscreen.

Another that I shot it with the effect of cool breeze feel.

Of course, we had some morning shot this morning before the neighbor dog bark at us by surprise! Oh yeah, because of this, I forgotten to lock the gate and received a call from mom with her screaming at me. LOL

Graceful dearie in the morning shot.

Wifey on her 36th weeks. Cheerful and preparing to give birth next week.

wifey and me smiling =)

Sweetie couple =)

Damn, I am really putting ALOT of weight. But soon, I will lose a lot due to tiredness.


Oh yeah, try not to get this model of phone: Panasonic KX TG1034B-P

Anyway, my coll is holding to 2 phones instead of 4.

This is because of my coll, Ke, gotten call from IDA that this home cordless phone is causing hell frequency interference to some mobile subscriber. And after checking for few days, my lucky coll's residence had been found.

They are bringing this phone back for thorough check and they are certain that the frequency does not meet Singapore telephone frequency. The distributor had to answer for as they are the one who bring in these phones and poor on vendor who will get check by IDA.

So, next time, better to buy phone from big shop with IDA sticker approve.

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