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Thursday, March 19

Random rants of the day

Screw the person who stole 2 x tyre air pump cap from me. You are either a loser or an asshole to stole other people's stuff and not even want to go to the tyre shop to get it. Thanks to Hankook who gave me 4 x caps FOC. The one who went around taking others cap shall have bad karman befall! First, you have puncture tyre and then found out that your spare one also giving you problem. For that, you pay for the consequences. Do not be an ass of everything.


Thought that the heel of mine is getting me problem due to gout so I decided to go see a doctor yesterday. This is the first time ever I went in for more then 5min. Dans.. it was another doctor and the first thing he asked: your records are quite thick. Duhz... Anyway, he mentioned that this is due to inflamation and partly because of my weight that might cause it. Of course, the shoe I am wearing. Oh yah.. he mentioned that the sandal I'm wearing (SAF one) is blangah shoe. Free one, what you expect? Heh... Should I look at Tevas again. Oh dear.

I wanted to go for a stroll yesterday evening but due to my tiredness that strike me out of nowhere, I went to sleep at 9.20pm! That's ridiculous early for the first time ever! OMG. I cannot imagine that tho.

I also met up with my aunt because I am considering of getting insurance and got assurance from her because she is from AIA. According to her, AIG and AIA are already in separate family as AIA belong to US Govt and locally AIA insurance money are still keep here and not allow to transfer out to other place to 'help' as this is part of MAS rules. It is no wonder why AIA CEO assured everyone that crisis will not strike AIA Singapore and they have the money to refund back to the policy holder if there's a need.

Also, even when AIA is to be bought over or what, it is just another changes like RBS buying ABN, DBS over POSB... and end of the day, the affected are the top management and share holders, never the policy holder.

For now, I am just wondering on AXA or AIA because one is due to wealth management while another is purely Life protection. =)

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