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Saturday, March 21

New SD card bought... and some stupid ICT thought!

Bought new 8gb Transcend SD card from Memory World today when I am walking around in Funan IT Mall with wifey. 8Gb is more then enough to take a lot photos and some video clips too.

Of course, glad to meet Lionel as we had not catch up since last time. Ok.. IWC watch is so expensive.. cool.

Yes... I will be facing 2 x ICT during the month of Oct till Nov. A low key and overseas training. My gut feeling is so right when my ICT for May had been canceled. With information from some of the buddies that been posted to other company also receive phone call to go Australia. As there's 2 overseas trips been involved, I had a gut feeling , again, that I might go for the much tiring one. Guess that I am right after receiving SMS from Dicky! We gotten the most irritating training which we had before during active time! WTH!

Thanks... I need to go back to camp for LK training on Oct and after a week pass, I going to Aust for 26 days. How nice that you treated us this way. For sure I will miss my baby so much! Ok, no whining, I will pack and go. I gotta leave the camera behind for my wife to take more photos on our baby girl while me on overseas trip... maybe I go borrow or buy a new one? Anyone willing to lend me for a month?

As what Fabbie hubby did, maybe I should bring my lil girl chou chou to Aust? LOL.... I be making phone call almost everyday if I can as I knew that it always on field training. Damn it... I never won such a big prize before and now... wow...

2 knocking by:

William said...

Wah... IDD from Aus to sg, you siao boh!!!

Boon said...

I where got say IDD???

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