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Friday, March 20

MSN 9!

The new MSN indeed look a it weird to me tho. But I guess that it is just a matter of time to get use to it, beside I only just get it updated earlier on, but the rest seem to have it upgrade as early as last week.

Navigation is cool but too much of changes tho...

Oh yes, for people who love to use mess patch, here's the good news. Now you only need to go messpatch and get it update. It use the flash program to connect your MSN 9 automatically. No more downloading and self install. But the bad news is that there's no way that they can remove the ads off. Well, just have fun ok? Thanks to Mess for allowing me to enable polygamy. (it allow me to have 2 msn account online at the same time! my wife and me love it a lot!)

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