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Tuesday, March 24


So, can someone actually guide me how to do a nice and proper blog for my photography? I do not have cash to set up up the website for the gallery as I felt that it is just not enough at all.

The new site/blog is going to fill with my photography stuff which I will continuously to brush up. But, how? I know I need a server, found one, and a domain, still cracking my brain. I need a page that I can do my blog, so is wordpress for me? Seriously speaking, I am at lost which to be frank that I am looking at managing 3 blogs!

Can someone guide me which should I do first?

Another thing is: photoshoot! I been too laid back recently that I did not look at other photographer portfolio to gather some ideas and what to focus on. I should not be like that because the guy need his port folio tho! I need to move and act fast!

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