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Monday, March 23

Hotty Sunday!

Guess that now I prefer to use my photos to do most of the talking instead, unless I have too much rants!

Great.. I had another installment signed up! Ok.. this time is no choice... read on...

Anyway, I signed up my insurance with my aunt tho. Coverage is good and glad that I am insured. I shall not say much because I firmly believe my aunt is not out just to earn our money but to have good coverage. Per month I have to pay $260 with huge coverage. There's one plan which is long coverage but short term payment for 15years only. Of course, it continue to cover me even when the payment for 15 years is up. Let's hope for the best in future.

Even when I got my life and personal accident, I got to upgrade my health shield as well. Currently holding on to Income shield, I decided that I might jump to another company for a better coverage which at least under one roof for less headache. That's another sum of money.

Not even ending yet, I also have to look at car insurance and road tax installment. Not that I love installment, it is because everything just pour in at the same time. I have no money to pay off everything now. Even when my installment had just clear, my up and coming insurance premium is going with me for years. I shall not think too much as I just need to earn even more.

After signing up the plans with my aunt, everyone of us (all my relatives) heading up to Lim Chu Kang and pray to my grandma.

Comparing to previous week, this time we head up to LCK around 5pm. Not a lot of people are there to pray yet, maybe due to the timing. But indeed, the peaceful feeling and blue sky is one thing that made me smile.

Offering will start with some of the relative around. Not everyone are there, especially the kids and grand children. For sure, I do not know the reason why each year, the only grandchildren that appear at LCK is from my family. Of course, not to mention my young aunt who brought her young kids along. So that means it is not just us, been the grand children.

Preparing of food and lay over at AH Ma altar.

After which, praying shall start.

Everyone is lining up to pray to Ah ma.

Items offering to ah mah.

As there are too many joss sticks left, we decided to put it around the grass on the grave.

Joss stick and colored papers. Sorry that I do not know the exact reason for putting the colored papers.

I had been 32 years since Ah Ma had been 'staying' there. How time passes tho.

Letting ah ma to 'enjoy' the food before we start the burning 'items' which in order for her to 'receive'

While everyone was talking, I decided to take a shot of them with ah ma.

Sun is pretty harsh. I should actually say it is much humid rather then hot. Sticky, thirsty are what everyone is facing.

I kinda forgotten what are they looking at

Preparing to burn some stuff for Du Di.

Before starting of burning the items, 'hiang' is a must. It is to kinda pray to 'them' before we start doing anything. I will say, permission?

There, they started to light up.

Before starting to burn anything to your ancestor or whoever, burning the Du Di (god) is a must to be first. As said, God.

While waiting for them to finish the burning of papers, I walked further down and get a shot of my own shadow.

When the burning of papers end, it will be the time for ah ma.

Every single items been passed to dad and 'hiang' before he pass to aunt for preparing to tidy up the place before starting of burning.

Properly keeping it tidy, so that the fire can burn it swiftly without having some of it not been burn

Laying it nicely.

We started the small fire at each low corner. So that it will catch the fire and burn up faster.

It started to get smokey when it reaches the top where the green bag was placed. I cannot remember what is it but I guess it is a bag to store some stuff. Aunt also mention that there's 'new' stuff for ah ma too. LV etc... everyone just laughed because they wanted ah ma to be trendy too.

Hope grand ma will receive her latest stuff. Good bye.

Sunny early evening time, heading back to bus and enjoy the great air con. Hot and stuffy.


I had been notified on Saturday that I be attending Australia training for a month during the period of Oct till Nov. Before 2 weeks before the flight, I have to return back to camp for Low Key ICT. Thanks for such a notice tho. Look like my partner will face big headache when I am not around. Better to clear up the stuff ASAP.

Since I be away for a month, I decided to pass the camera to my wife so that she can help to take photo of our baby girl which she is around 6 months old. I will be greatly missing both mummy and dotter.

If there's anyone willingly to lend me the camera to Australia, I will be more then happy. I am looking at Canon G10.

Lovely Canon G10.

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