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Saturday, March 28

Hot and humid!

No, I am not participating to Earth Hour because it will not help by offing your electricity for just an hour. Of course, it is the thought of mind to help. But in order to help much, they should say Earth Day! Means, no huge production at factory which result air pollution; no cars due to carbon monoxide; no aircon, electricity etc... For a day, it helps but economic wise, sorry. It will crash. During this period of time, beware of pickpocket and molester. What can one does in a dark?

I even had to bathe 3 times today due to hot and humid weather. Now, when will it rain to cool down the whole island?

Oh yea, because we bought one of the toy at Taka Baby Fair and found out that the batt went flat, I decided to change the batt but it is never easy. Let the photo show why.

Baby toy which is in triangle screw head but there's no shop that selling this at all. So the flat head screw driver have to come in the picture. Spent sometime to find the screw driver at home but invalid. But I finally found the one the fit in the size correctly at DIY store.

Finally I got it open with the help of other screws. Damn, it is not easy when it got stick within each other tho.

This is the part where the 3 x flat batteries are placed in. Apparently, on the bottom right side, it was kinda glued to the cover which I find it so hard to take out. I have to use the screw to force it to open which as the result that many damage plastic were seen. At least I still be able to screw it back.

Thanks to the family screws that solve my problem.


All batteries charged and prepare just in case of wifey giving birth anytime. Video cam from small cam while my big one for photography. I will also constantly updating the blog, at The-Ongies, and facebook. Do check it out, ok?

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