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Tuesday, March 17

Great to see the past...

It was by sudden that I 'met' my old friend in Facebook and then I requested to set up a group in Facebook which really brought in a lot of old friends! That is something awesome for such networking.

My dear old pal, Huiyi, set up Jurongville Sec Sch ('94-'98) group in Facebook and of course we are hoping to see more friends dropping by.

Because of that, I went to scan quite a few of photos from my yearbook.

The very first school book issued when we are Sec 4.

Teaching staff during the start on the year of 1994.

The staff of 1995 at that time.

As it grow more on 1996

1997 teaching staff are getting huge!

The staff of 1998. Enormous growth huh!

The canoe session... erm.. why am I not in photo?!

The great day during our Speech Day, that's Sec 3 time.

Spot me? Staff Sergeant hor! Hahaha. Sec 4 at that time.. GOH for Speech Day.

Head prefects... =)

Thats how our class look like... old skool sia...

The class of 4N2

1998 2nd edition issue! I am already Sec 5 by then.

The class of 5N1

The class of 5N2 (my class... I always in the middle of the class level... 1N3 2N3 3N3 4N3 and 5N2)

My art class and I began to wonder why I am not in there?


Concert Band

Huh look.

Graduation Ceremony 1998

Swee Seng singing... so good

The staff

Funny and cheerful Mr Mooi

This got to be Hou Xiang 'FAV' teacher.

Total Defence day, i reckon

NPCC guys

Ok.. Alwin.. what you trying to do?

I do not whether I post this before.. but nevermind... I link up once again...

Yearly class photo before everyone go for holiday. I can't rem this is Sec 4 or 5 tho

Just outside NCC room for our bo liao shoot. On the right is where the range located. I miss the guy on my left... great buddy of mine during sec sch time.. name is hao zhi... Hope to find him in Facebook tho...

Speech Day '97. Everyone on Guard Of Honor dressing. One of the best drill we ever had, 1 sound for all. I still remember till this day.

Geez... I can't rem when this is taken?

My buddy, John... Anyone know his whereabouts? This is our NCC room.. damn my hair! Gross! hahaha


On the separate issue... so, which word of DO NOT OPEN they do not understand. Many times my company told the guy named B. of BTH Center management office not to open the door and yet... he still did it despite 2 pple actually told him already! Ok.. for that... 3rd time... alarm went off. 1st him, then delivery uncle then HIM again. Do we need to put Police lines or Dogs poster around or whatever shit to remind them for that?

I was with Alex heading to entrance from the walkway, YT came out at the same time which we were about 20m away, the alarm just went off and scare the hell of YT! That's kinda amusing to see because she was so lost at that time. Anyway, it is nobody fault because of someone opened it. OM came in later and knew about this matter, of course she is not please with it even though apologise had been made. Seriously speaking, sorry no cure.

WT also kinda scolded him for opening the door... the alarm was so loud at the walkway... but internally it is fine. After kwoning the reason, he actually wanted tp check the doors as BTH Center wanted to change the door closing mechnaism on top.

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