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Wednesday, March 11

Goodness! Thanks to my darling wife!

As I kept having ingrown hair on my chin and wifey felt so irritated due to my old model (although it is new), braun shaver. Even with washing, it might not wash it thoroughly on the shaver head and the cut is really not so smooth at time.

I went to fetch my wife around 6pm as I took 30min time off, she was a little late. I blame myself for not telling her I about to reach tho. We need to reach SCGS by 7pm for a doctor talk on child birth. I was wondering why wifey went with her coll and she did not buy any food at all. I questioned her in car when we reach our destination, and at that point of time she was munching digestive biscuit and pan cake.

Until then, she told me she went to buy something at Best Denki. Which no wonder I saw that plastic bag and yet I never ask what is it, which I guess it is for other people. She passed me the gift and said that it is for me! I got a shock and ask what is it? Yah, a silly answer she told me was: Blu Ray Player. Darling, BRP is not so small. The box suppose to be at least 1m long, and the box I carried was barely 1m tall and length.

I took out something and saw shaver cream. I wondered more... is it you bought a new shaver? Series 7? She replied no as it is way out of budget. While I opened the box, I saw Braun wording and OMG... Series 5. As told by wife, it is the highest model among Series 5. Series 7 is way too expensive and overpricing. I was so touched and yet gulity receiving the present by surprise. I never thought buying a new shaver at all tho. But this is indeed a surprise of the surprise!

The salesman recommended Panasonic model to wifey but she felt braun is better due to their establisment on shaver, she withdraw the idea on Panny and it cost about the same as Series 7. What's the diff? Panny allow to move left and right.

Lovingly wifey also check online by googling on various forum like HWZ etc... and of course the people prefer gillette due to cheap and easy shave. Clean and need but risky due to rusty and sharp blade. For Series 7, overpricing. For best shaving? Clean the whole damn skin off better. LOL

Anyway, she went to Best Denki for less then 5min and get the present. OMG again.... I felt more gulity on that..and what going to happen to my old shaver? Maybe I should clean it nicely and pass to my dad who do not oftenly use it.

A surprise gift from wifey... I was so shocked that she bought 5 series for me! Totally touched and guilty.

Shaver cleaner which is meant for spray on the shaver head. Useful for traveling out of country. It will kinda lubricate the shaver head for a smoother shave. Of course, it can be use for other shaver too.

The internal set taken out from the box. Nicely wrapped.

The shaver pouch with the shaver.


The front look of the shaver

Backside of the shave with AC power outlet.

The head is flexible with 3 adjustable position.

The station dock for cleaning and recharging the shaver

Station dock with cleaning solution

The cleaning solution container with caps taken out.

This is how it look when the container is in the station dock.

Another AC outlet at the back of the station dock

The overall look when the shaver is in the station dock.

The wonderful and pretty light in the dark.

Seriously speaking, the cleaning device is really good. but a pity that I cannot close the hole to prevent it from evaporating in the air. I just cannot slot in the container back tho. Apparently, I will use that to clean 2 wk once for better hygiene. Mentioned by the salesman that it can last around 6months (I shall see to it because of the hole not covered.) It is good also that it allow me to charge at the same time.

This morning I used the shaver and wow! The cutting sound is nowhere to be heard as compare to my old model which as if the grass cutter is somewhere nearby! Of course, vibrating noise is there but not as loud. The whole cutting is very smooth! Love it.

Thanks wifey for buying this for me. Love it a lot and love you! Hehehe

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