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Monday, March 2

Busy... and it is very busy

Let me start blogging way back from Friday for Lu wedding dinner photo shoot.

What could be the most irritating part during the wedding shoot? As easy as... battery went flat. I charged it before I get my ass out of office and it still end up flat in just 2hr. Typically to say, using 3rd party brand just screw things up.

I am lucky to have Darrel's cam and lens with me that day, it went on so well till I am poisoned by it. The sweet lens of 85mm USM and 135mm L lens. Having 2 cameras with one wide and the other as prime made things easier. Of course, the output is definitely different.

At the same time, I am happy to accept the jobs as Lu is my ex schoolmate but we did not chat at all until recently. How ironic. That goes with some others also whom I met them up at her wedding. Of course, I did not care much about talking and carry on with my work. they felt awkward seeing own friend running up and down while the rest sitting down enjoying the food!

I requested not to leave any seat for me because I had been paid to do my job for wedding dinner, thus good photos come first. Indeed, it turn out really pretty well and the style that I had is totally different. That goes with photo editing. Just look out for it.

All thanks to Darrel, I had save myself with 2 cameras and beautiful lens. Due to the recent 20% up rise of Canon equipment, I better continue borrowing until the price is stable again.

I just did about 25% of the photos and seriously, this is the first time ever I shot 600 shots for dinner alone.

Also thanks to Lu who gave me a chance for this job. Despite having a main photographer running around, my job is capture the moment with journalistic style.


It is sweet to have Cartel breakfast again at BPP on Saturday before we head up to Thomson Medical Center for Parental Craft lesson. Check out the-ongies blog if you want to know what the lesson are for that day. Quite interesting tho.

It rained heavily after we reached home, and while watching TV on bed, I just dozed off for 4hrs! I cannot imagine that I had been sleeping for SO long! That's OMG. Incredible huh!

A good sleep result a good rest for my body. Ok, I shall say that due to the 2 camera bodies, I gotten myself a terrible backache tho! LOL

Starting of breakfast

My breakfast

Lovely food

Get set ready..


Yummy food


On Sunday after sending wifey and mom to work, dad and me again have our usual curry rice session. We also head up to temple for praying to 祖生娘娘 for taking care of both wifey and baby.

I was told by See Hiang (my NCC buddy during sch time) that I looked angry during Lu wedding tho. I should put on smile instead! Haha.. Ok as I said. But the fact is, cameras are heavy and of course I must improve with my smile. But seriously I cannot be in bother with the people because my eyes are constantly looking out for shot tho. So... well... Ok... I must try to change. I had not open my mouth for sometime, so... as you know... the smell will be bad. LOL

As I chat with Jol and See Hiang, the timing strike 1pm and I quickly get change as there's wedding dinner to attend. This time is my wifey's Uni pal wedding and great that he started it fast for his Church ROM in the hotel and quickly followed with the dinner. At 7.30pm, they started the food and by 10.30pm, everyone had leave the area. Considerate and very nice of him for been so thoughtful as he knew that most of the people got to work on Monday. As told by wifey's Uni pals, it's him and the style of work. Effectiveness!

The food is great and yes, it is very nice also. Wifey's friends were so excited about her big tummy and so many hands trying to indirectly molest Caitlyne. How ironic. Some are planning but not for now, while one of the guy said that if there's one that happen... it will be accident!

There will be another meetup soon on May, but due to confinement, we are not able to attend wifey friend wedding tho. It will be 16th May.

Oh yeah. It is quite interesting to know the groom cousin and we have great chat despite we do not know each other. Crap talk, I guess.

Pretty wifey

Posing sweety

Wifey SMS her friends to come ASAP

Poor baby been tied up! This is to prevent him to run away from parents tho.

Sit and relax while waiting


Poohie face lookalike?

Do I look nice?

Action again..

Posing handsomely

Whose there?!!

OH! Mummy with Caitlyne!

Now Caitlyne peeping out of the pillar! Haha

Love shape with an I

Love shape symbolise LOVE

Love shape with a U

There you go, I LOVE YOU.

Wedding favour from Carlton

We been asked to sit down and take a photo with the rest. 6 stand for their group in Uni.

I do not belong to any group.

Xinhui and Yaocheng, they are bro and sis during sch time.

Everyone touching Cait Cait... of course... she was so scared!

As the rest look elsewhere earlier on, this is the proper and final one... also to end the day.

Before heading to Carlton Hotel, wifey and me went to Suntec to look for toys and a short walk. LG Blu Ray is selling at $599, nice price. Should I get it soon? Sigh... my living room floor standing speaker is damn screw up because of cone! It is irritating! DVD player is giving some problem also. It went black screen for a sec before it appear once again. How weird. It will be wasteful if I buy a HDMI DVD player when I can spend a BR player instead. No point getting PS3 as my parent might not be able to use it. I might be slowly upgrading to a pure CD player and add on more great stuff for music playback in future. Pls do not say I am rich, it is just purely planning that will take years.


As for today, I had enough of my irritating neigbour! How you can stand people talking so loudly at 6.45am in the morning when I get up at 7.15pm? You basket wake up for school and head out with your mom does not mean you have to TALK SO LOUDLY! HELLO! Is this HOW your school teaches you? Do you understand the word CONSIDERATE? For three times you talk so loudly my house today, I gave you A LOUD OEI! I had enough with the nonsense of you PEOPLE! From tomorrow onwards, each time you talk loudly I make sure I will scold whoever you are for been SO noisy! Do not freaking test my patience as I had reached to the boiling point!

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