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Monday, March 9

aching... oh man...

I am seriously aching all over for a 3km walk and jog yesterday with my wifey along the park behind Jalan Teck Whye all the way to Yew Tee side. Of course, I jog for a short while as I did not do much exercise recently,85% walking.

The walk is good and glad that such jogging, cycling parth finally been done after so many years. Though it is no entry but still, quite a lot of ppl went in. Basically, what they left is to smoothen the tar.

Wifey taking stroll

Happy couple take pix. And yes... I finally cut my hair after so long! Great that Jean Yip at BPP open! Of course, my stylist is so busy until she gonna faint. LOL

The jogging track is from Jln Teck Whye to Yew Tee, in fact, it is not as long and tiring as I thought of.

A look back to my house in the middle of the house. Lovely scenery and air as there's no traffic at all.

At the end of the road near the junction, there's continuation of path after the junction but under construction

Wifey and me thought of going for more strolling and slight jog (after she gave birth) along with Cait Cait... of course, I'm going to drag my parent down.. we should stay fit together. It will be nice and great!

While checking out my PDA phone, I realised that I had some photos that I did not uploaded before! Here's some... sly laughing

***I know it is a bit too late for Yu Sheng photos... but well.. at least THERE's Photo!***
IFP SIN Lau Yu Sheng

Pick up the yu sheng

Cheong ah

Alex is trying to...

Smile, dude... U trying to look cute ah? :p

Of course... the last one...

Another slpin in kopi tiam


That's my feeling when I gotten another ICT canceled! Some might say I am crazy but hell no, if I continue to serve faster, I might be able to finish my duty fast. Now because of this stupid ICT cancel, I got to delay another year of MR which add up 2 yrs later! Sickening. By right I can finish by 34 yr old, now... Do not wish to talk about it

Fearing that we all might be chosen to go Australia overseas training during Sept - Oct period. Sigh...

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