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Sunday, February 22

Ultra jam at BKE

Was traveling to BKE from Dairy Farm Rd in the morning (21st Feb) and found that the jam is extremely bad and that result only 1 lane passable which on the 1st. Accident occurred before the flyover and my wife took a photo of it when we saw K9 come to a stop before the accident as well. (will post a photo later) Thought that there's some car chasing operation initially because of the K9 vehicle.

As my car was getting nearer to the accident, we saw a truck on the 2nd lane and an accident bike (behind the truck) which I think is Suzuki. Yellow helmet were seen near the truck wheel and 1 lady high heel was seen as well, think I saw some papers on floor.

I just want to move on fast as not to hog up the jam, my wife was glancing at the accident on her left and saw a pool of blood on the road which is the truck rear wheels. No tent was seen at that time when I passed there. According to the radio station that I heard 20min ago, the jam is still there. (My wife did not take a photo at that time as I need to speed up because the jam is really bad)

Hope that the casualty/ casualties is/are fine.

Very bad traffic

Look far ahead in the middle of the photo, you will see the accident bike

Better be safe then sorry.

*as an update from the forum, both the rider and pillion (husband and wife) passed away due to this accident. Leaving their 8 yr old son alone.*

Just like yesterday while traveling on PIE and I decided to go by Bt Timah rd due to high traffic towards BKE, but I was wrong as the traffic were much worse! I got stuck for nearly 2 hrs from Steven rd till Beauty World. I entered the road from Beauty World to another Upp Bt Timah rd towards Shell and Esso, I attempted to move into another lane which is 3rd lane because the car in front of me were driving quite slow. I did signal and drive out very slowly, just then, another idiotic car driver who drove a Nissan Sylphy just dash and cut into the lane with me! Even that idiotic put on signal to left, but the way that asshole was driving is ridiculously fast! I didn't even caught that car in the side mirror! We were so close like an almost few inches apart! I swerved back to the left quickly and my poor pregnant wifey got a shock for that! If I did not see that car, that's IT! I hope that asshole get his return by driving like that. Will he DIE if he can slow down a little before heading into Esso Petrol Kiosk! I guessed that asshole did not know I horned at him when I drove past! Idiotic ppl who do not drive safely is literally no brainer!

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someone said...

the rider and pillion were my friends. both passed away due to extensive injuries on the lower body.
this accident came out in the chinese papers, zaobao and wanbao on 22 february 2009.
rider was 37 years old and a major in the SAF. his funeral was on sunday as he's a muslim. the pillion was only 21 years old and the wake is held at woodlands, with the funeral procession on wednesday.

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