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Friday, February 20

Rigger Badge

Lovely badge, isn't it? Yes, that's one of the proud badge that only Rigger will wear it through their NS time. Sadly to say, it only get approve when our OC fight for years to get it recognise and that's the month the senior batch(mine) preparing for ORD.

Till now, I have to idea if they are proud of this badge, especially the young ones. Not everyone are able to wear it until you went in for 2-3mths of courses. Back then, been a PTE, we kinda been 'tortured' but never to compare to the most senior.

Even when we are back to camp, the junior will felt that the senior batch is much garang then them, in terms completing numbers of chute within a day, and how we work. It was so fun in camp when our Sgt often arrow us for any duty. Some still grumble but yet I can see some funny expression from their face.

How tough the training was, we are proud to be the Rigger of ATC, 3rd Tpt when we ORDed. Though some had been posted to other unit which is related, we still contact each together and of course bitching about the past.

Instructors are one of the most horrible person you will see during course and they hold only a LCP and CPL. Do not say 3rd Sgt is already big, that's only for BMT. We are small unit but we serve the biggest and important role.

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