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Wednesday, February 25

Rainbow and crabby!!!

After dropping YT at CCK mrt station, I met up with wifey to get crabs as she has craved for that. Ok, baby Cait cait is the one At the same time, wifey saw the rain the sky! I can only see that when we reach Sunshine Place and indeed it is very beautiful.

While heading to buy crab, wifey saw the huge rainbow in the sky. It is thick and the color is very distinct. One of the most obvious rainbow ever seen.

Also, there's no blockage and a complete rainbow

The right side of the rainbow

The left side of the rainbow.

This single crab cost $46. Yummy and very big~

YUMMY fried buns, crispy and taste damn good!

Black pepper crab is damn spicy! Cost $27

This is the size of the crab in comparison of wifey palm. Almost double of it!

Indeed that the black pepper crab is SO hot till dad do not want to continue anymore and I have to carry on finish the remaining ones. Dad even had to rinse his tongue! That is so funny. Ok, I have to drink my Ma Tai Cha as to clear the oil and sinful food. Damn...

Mom went to NUH today to follow up her heart report and due to some reason, they are unable to find out thus need to get another appointment date to do a full body scan by using Magentic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

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