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Friday, February 13


I am simply surprised by Char that she did not notice about my other blog. Please look at the right side and down a little to see MY OTHER BLOG as the-ongies. Maybe I should just forgive this Charbo and give her the link again.

To this fellow friend of Kei and mine. Ha! You cannot understand why is there a need to spend so much and turning on the HT to watch the movies, I shall ask that why do you need to cycle all the way to find me? Ha.. This is enjoyment tho. While you can spend on your every few months PDA, I enjoy the HT effects. But mine is once a blue moon.

Yes, I got to save. Though saving is low, but better to enjoy now because I will not have more time on my HT. I also will need to work even harder by triple times as to get more jobs on photographing.

I hope our ger-ger will bring lucks to me. No doubt I do not believe in striking lottery, but I still buy for a little hope. Who knows, heaven might just give a little to us.

I am going to do my 7.1 nicely in the living room, as to enjoy the full surround sound. Kei also interested in the system but first, he need to settle something before thinking about that. Good luck wor.

So looking forward to Lu wedding on 27th at Furama Waterfront Hotel. I hope that the output of every images mean everything to her and there I go for more shoot in future.

Lately, I just join Modelmayhem and truly happy to know more models, MUA and stylist because we might be able to work together for more portfolio. I still have a photoshoot coming up, and planning to get it done ASAP.

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