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Friday, February 20

Never drive behind a truck!

It is not wise to travel behind a sand carrier truck. As a result, my car gotten full of dirt because the truck in front of me while travelling along ECP towards Marina Parade yesterday! I had to stick to the lane because there are cars on my right and I have to make my way out to MP any soon.

I did not have a photo of that but it is so speechless.

End up, the car washer got to put in extra effort to clean off the dirt on my car. Pity him even I paid for it. Wondering why is there water splashing out the truck! It look as if I just finish my car rally and the light mud splashing covered from the top to my bumper.


Char, Al and me were talking about some silly things over lunch. Funniest was that Al kept saying he only have 15hrs a day! Char and me were so shocked because he kept thinking what he do during weekend and after work. Oh yeah... he like to watch his show again even though he finished it. What da...


Didn't know this had been posted on '07. But well... have a good faint tho.

I also applauded that she got guts to do a song + MTV. Hell yeah...

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