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Wednesday, February 4

Just another Wednesday talk...

Congrats to my wifey brand new handbag! She gotten herself a Coach! Nice gold!

Thanks to the great person from the forum to help to order the Coach bag from US tho. Fret not, it is authentic bags. There will be receipt coming along as well and it tally the serial number. Wifey is so happy to get her beautiful Coach bag today.

The newly changed light today. It somehow make the place even dimmer then before. Look the right side of my photo at the void deck. It was something like that as before, I had no idea why do they want to change it tho. This photo is 8sec shutter speed thus it look bright.

I had slight accident at Marine Parade carpark yesterday. Due to one of the car in front of me waiting to exit to the left, I saw there's room for me to overtake the car and go up the slope. There's 2 lane at the carpark, left is either up the slope to another level and exiting to the left where PP is located. I then tried to turn in and thought that nothing will happened though I can see from my view that the corner of the car is pretty close to the wall. Somehow, when my wife and me head back to the car after she knocked off, she saw the slight scratches on the left side of the bumper. Will take a photo later on How sad can that be? First, cat and followed by a series of dent caused by some moron opening the car door and someone kiss and run away on the right side back of the car. Now.... this... Terrific.. I really can't be in bother about the look. Till when there's cash flow, I hope to spray or rather change the car? Yah.. in my dreamland... Teana...

Denon or Onkyo? Both are good brand and what I found out about is that for HT effect, Onkyo fit in the bills. Onkyo 706 is $1080 from Alpha Audio while KEC hold $1020. Hmm... considering either living room or bedroom. I still need a 5.1 speakers for bedroom if I were to place it there but... space is one thing. If in living room, I cannot enjoy the movie comforbly but I just need to change the L R speaker with add on of center speaker. Thats the total damage. Heh!

My thermal fan finally works! I just need more air flow for the comp tho. ;)

Am happy to get a deal out recently. Money may be low but its good to move on rather then holding an empty shell. *peace*

Yah.. I'm on MC. Why? Ask my back... hell I know why it been feeling so aching.... GTA IV completing at 22%! Hope to finish befor e my bb girl is out! LOL

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