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Monday, February 23

Good vaccum but...

I appreciate for the demonstration set up by the 2 ladies yesterday from Delphi company. In overall, the whole set up is simple and knowing how it works beside just vacuuming.

It can be use as air purifier though, and it proved to us how much dust we have in the house and I agreed that mattress is very dirty. The suction is good even though the watt is pretty low. I am indeed impressed and saw the result on the water. It indeed turn brown and frankly speaking, disgusting is the word I can use to describe.

The whole set that I thought will be 2K plus until they show us the price list, which will cost 3.7k! Even I can go for installment, but the thing is that due to our lil one and financial issue, I decided not to go ahead even how good the machine is. Yes, as salesman talk, for family and health. But to us, money. The machine is literally out of our budget and we have a lot to buy. Just before they came, we already spent $460+ on herbs for wifey to bathe and tonic soup during the confinement period.

It is a busy Sunday tho.

Just before we went out to Waterloo St to buy the herbs, met up with Lawrence from AXA insurance which TCM provide for baby insurance. He is quite good and offered me which coverage I should take up and having the coverage of 300k. Of course, that is investment as well, another will be just term (which there's no money back and purely just coverage) and total ocverage is 400k. If I confirm with him, I will have 700K protection. Also, he selectively chosen 3 top investment fund for me.

As my aunt is working in AIA as well, I decided to hold on from AXA for a moment. Until when I read up 2 plan protection details, I will then decide which to insurance I should go for. Hoping I can get it down within this week. I also need my car insurance done up too. So much to pay off... sickening though.

Of course, wifey took a day off in Sunday. While mom went to cut hair in Jurong East, we both went to IMM for breakfast at Cartel. No wonder my sis and her hubby like the breakfast there! It is SO good and yummy! Now it made me drool while typing it! Affordable as it cost $14 for both of us. Photos will be uploaded later.

Picture 001.jpg
The breakfast platter for 2 which cost only $13.90

Picture 002.jpg
Of course, not to mention that there's 4 french toast, 2 x sausages, hotcakes, hashbrown, bacons and scramble eggs. Yes, free flow coffee and tea, and in house bread with butter! WOO!

Picture 004.jpg
Starting to attack the yummy breakfast...

Picture 005.jpg
Wifey getting ready to eat!

Picture 006.jpg
Yummy... that goes without saying...

Picture 007.jpg
Cuppuccino anyone?

Picture 009.jpg
Wifey is blurping tho... interesting moment

Picture 010.jpg
Messing around with chilli?

Picture 011.jpg
Great makan after the delicious breakfast

Picture 012.jpg
As usual for me to act a little bit

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