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Sunday, February 15

Getting close to my relative?

It's kinda weird that we been hanging to my dad's side so often recently. Initially we are close with all my cousins until some days, we are like distant from them until last year. I had no idea why it began to feel us very close to my relative side. Partly, we did not talk much to each other like the rest because they stay throughout until night time before heading home, while we often head off few hours earlier.

There are quite a few of occasion we met up within few months; cousin baby full month, Chinese New Year, aunt house dinner and yesterday niece 1 year old birthday. It was quite surprise that my cousin in law were talking non stop about technologies stuff. Seem like he found a buddy into such things, and of course I am happy as well. Both of us were relatively quiet tho and not much of interaction in the past. Of course, such occasion gathering are quite fun tho, interaction and get to know each other well. I can say that my cousin in law, Morris, is damn lucky. :) It somehow made me felt that I went to their house before. Because I saw the sponsored names on their cabinet and wall too. Deja Vue!

Here's some photos I took it yesterday!

Happy Birthday to this 1 year old girl girl

Aunts all gathering in the room relaxing.

Brother and sisters, of course mom of the left.

Looking cute and confuse?

Is she trying to grab the candle? haha

Look snobbish in this way. haha

Everyone starting to sing song.

As the birthday song goes.... Good effort on ISO800. LOL

Aunt with her grandsons.

Looking or awaiting for the cake?

Daddy helping baby girl to cut the cake. LOL.. cute!

Posing for me to take?

Jiejie and mei mei fighting over the chocolate? LOL

She just do not want to let me hold her.

Isn't she cute? Kept posing non stop.

Playing with her chocolate non stop.

That's my youngest cousin on the right.

Aunt talking to her kids.

No idea what are they looking at tho. LOL

Yesterday morning, wifey and me along with dad went to Paya Lebar to get the number for Bu Yun. The number was 474, and we head there near to 3pm later but wifey and me are unable to stay until our turn thus my parents did for us. We had to rush to AMK hub for lesson, of course we can go in late, but the problem lies on the carpark. It will take us 20min to get into the carpark and find the lot. Not as easy tho, so by 3.45pm we had to make our way there. As usual, we reach at 4.30pm and start the lesson in time. Lots of things to learn. Check out the other blog.

After praying and getting the number, we had some breakfast at the temple for vegetarian beehoon with curry and dao huay. We also met aunts there and they had been waiting since 6am! To think their number was 280! We went at 8am to get the number tho. They really had a hard time waiting. By the time we went back to temple, I saw another aunt who just came, the number did not jump much because they gotten 653 while we gotten the number at 8am for 474.

Anyway, after the temple, we went to Mandai to meet dad's friend who is good at doing door lock. As the guy like to dilly dally, we went for teh tarik session since we were pretty early. When we met up the guy, within just 1 min, he is certain that my mechanism is spoil but surprise that nissan lock spoil so fast! Well, he assure that he can get the stuff for me, and much cheaper then TCM including workmanship. Since my dad and his friend trusted this guy, I had no reason for rejecting. After 2 hours while watching "Ip Man", incredible show!.. the guy called my dad. The total damage will be $190 for a brand new. The 2nd hand will cost around $140 which he see no point with such a small diff of $50. Shall do that before I head back to camp next Wed in the morning. I made a boo boo that my briefing start at 1pm and not in the morning! Thanks to my wifey who spot the timing for me. If not I gonna be an idiotic who reach there at 7am!

My condolence to my friend as his mom just passed away. Sorry that I am unable to go as my parent said that my wife is pregnant so better for me not to attend

I am going to ask for the arm rest, should he able to find for me at the lower price. That will be GREAT!


I need to watch my diet and eating again! My gout attack is back on my toe and this time spread to ankle! I had no idea is it the way I always like to rest my fat leg onto the boxes below my table in office. Additionally, I do not know whether my knee pain is due to my weight suppressing on it. I shall go for a stroll cum a little of slow jog down stair. Intend to sneak in the unfinished jogging track. It will only open 3rd quarter of this year. Sigh.

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