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Sunday, February 22

Digital Radio from SG

No wonder Dicky told me that he received Bollywood radio station tho. I'm sure there's some other FM that can be heard which do not belong to SG.

Well, THIS is the answer of everything. Read it.


Fook William who gotten his Nokia 5800. While attending dinner for Dua Yi Ah Pek at Punggol, I tried surfing net on my phone and weird that whenever I go to facebook, my phone will go off a while then back again non stop. Is my phone getting crazy? Sigh....

The food at the dinner were great, but the table they offered is getting small! How can we squeeze 10 ppl to one? Yah, sitting next to me are weirdos. The auntie will grab the good part of the food immediately as if everyone trying to fight with her! It just goes on for few dishes until they heard the dessert sucks, then they head off. 1 auntie gave $2 when they saw us putting that amount, while another having thick skinned put in 10 cents! Duhz!

Mom bidded for an items which is meant for the god, apparently I did not take a photo of it and had no idea what is it for. Will update it later. She bidded that for 1.8k and may good lucks come to our family for doing such good deed. There were couple of items that my mom wanted to bid for, but she lost because they outbid for twice the amount my mom offered. Money goes for contribution of temple is worthwhile.

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