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Thursday, February 12

Awesome and all hails to Nvidia!

Goodbye to Popcorn Hour, HDX1000, TviX etc... why? Nvidia is out to stomp these down if the PC HT lovers want to hook it up to their system.

You need to look at this tho. It support vista and allow to watch 1080p with low processing power. All thanks to HongJia who told me about it previously. Unless the HT lovers really wanted to have non PC related, then the above that I mentioned before is suitable. Having your source in this box works almost the same and hey, isn't that cool since it can support 7.1. I am waiting for people in HWZ or VRZ to get the stuff and give some review on this beast.

For the prototype, it look damn 80's box. haha! Hello to the world of digital!

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