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Wednesday, January 28


I just want to blog that I am super duper tired. I had no idea why am I so tired.

I really had enough of my neighbour dog. This morning, it even barked at me! Tomorrow, if I saw the owner again, I am going to tell her that she better keep her dog barking to the minimal. How can a owner let the dog bark non stop?! I should approach to town council or AVA to complain about it. This is far too ridiculous tho.

Anyway, this morning traffic is super smooth. Mainly due to lots of people intend to rest longer due to such recession. Hoping everyone get their job secured.

I felt weird that until yesterday, I decided to ask my cousin if she had facebook! Seriously speaking, we did not chat so much before in the past until like yesterday, we started asking what they do tho. This cousin of mine had 2 younger sisters and the one who chatted with me at relative house is 2nd sis and the one on MSN with facebook is elderst. How ironic tho. But it's good that I have my cousin MSN, seriously I do not know why I want for.

I am so tired including with some of my coll as well that l have no mood for work at all. I am serious! NO MOOD. I just want to rest and sleep! I even dozed off 2-3 times earlier on before I decided to blog.

I will be on Friday leave and heading for great massage at SPA and looking for lil one stroller and car seat. If the price is right, we will grab it so we do not need to worry about buying these after wifey given birth.

Geez, I cannot imagine the tiredness I am feeling now because it is so irritating. Look like when lil one is out, I'll be more shag out! LOL

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