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Saturday, January 3

Smooth Saturday

I do not know how to put in word but to say that today (Saturday) went smooth! In the morning, I called up Kaira regarding to my graphic card and was told that I need to call up to Sim Lim Square branch to check if there's stock. Weird that the website shown SLS phone number but it was not when the guy told me to call another number. His indian accent is so strong that I had to hear twice. I assured that my card met the minimun requirement standard.

When I called up to SLS branch regarding to this matter, the guy asked me if I am Boon! I emailed last night for the situation. He told me that he also suspect that the card is faulty and it might take up to nearly 1mth plus to repair and it is base in HK. I also asked if I can top up for new card and better model, but I got rejected. Anyway, the guy is nice enough to check if there's stock and hurray! There's one and I am so grateful.

I got it one to one exchange at the shop after few min of checking. Great and I can try it out when I reached home.

Wifey and me thought of having roasted food at Bugis along the shop but due to rain and lack of space to sit, we head back to SLS, but we bought the nasi lemak. We end up ate it for dinner. I had something special at SLS food court: Butter chicken with Naan. Never knew that the food is really very good. Anyway, it is nice. After getting the things done up, we thought of Chinatown initially but that idea drop off due to carpark and squeezy because of light out ceremony today. So we end up at Funan.

Went to check out Gamescore for PS3 and quoted the set at $599 80Gb, basic. While at Parkway, they are authorise dealer for that, and we got quote $759 80Gb with HDMI and a game. Given that, it might means that the cable cost around $120 because minus off the game is only $30. In total, I am paying extra $50 to the shop. Well, is authorise dealer better? As told, the parts can be serviced but if you buy from other area, they only cover some of it. Which should I get? After calculating with GTA IV, it will be $818 versus $674(w/o HDMI). I am still wondering which HDMI cable the shop offer. Anyway, if my PC can support my GTA IV game, there's no need to buy PS3. I been playing CoH : OF since I got home and I will try GTA IV tomorrow. Finger cross, because I do not want to spend money on that set.

While going off, we were approached by one cleaning company which they are giving away small steamer or pot. After listening, we accepted it because first trial is foc anyway, and even we do not want to carry on the service, we still able to keep the product. The cost is not expensive if we want to engage them. It will cost ard $70. Anyway, we do not sit on sofa but wooden chair, so the only thing that they want to clean up is the mattress.

Next, we went to look for shoes which I am thinking if I should get Timberland or Adidas. One to feel mature while other more to young. Well, I am open to ideas.

Before heading home, we went to CP store and asked about my bent rod because of an incident that my entire light drop on the floor. I do not know if the light will cause any problem due to high falling in future. I am lucky that the staff know me well so he is willing to lend me the rod today even though I did not send in my bent rod for checking and rebent it if possible. So I will only get to pass my bent rod to him when I drop by CP next week? I reckon. Nice guy. Should my light cause any injury, you got to pay for it because I had told you to hold on to it. If the light is spoilt, it's not gonna be easy to repair. Be it whether you are reading, I hope you can understand for such situation happened.


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