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Sunday, January 4

Interesting stuff

This is what we gotten yesterday.

Free steamer from the cleaning company

The whole package that worth $128 FOC. Only thing is to let them come your house and do up free steaming for first time. Subsequently for 2nd servicing, it will be about $70 depending on how big the house it is.

And of course today I saw something real interesting.

Drove past and saw this long limo from Chrysler! OMG! It is long and this is the first time I ever seen this in SG. Wonderful wedding car.

Boring drive to Parkway made me want to take this photo as the cloud is very dark from my side mirror


It is a long wait at IMM when my mom suggested that we should go there instead due to free carpark. But there's something really interesting when we almost gave up waiting for car lot.  Read on to another blog. While we were at Giant supermarket, we saw there's filming of game by Bryan Wong, Mark Lee, Quan Yi Fen, Patricia Mok and Ben Yeo.

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