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Friday, January 30

Great spa

The spa session is great at Ultimate. I selected Aroma massage which is very light and soothing and it really made me feel like dozing off. It was so nice and I'm really hope for more harder massaging which I guessed that I will select Java massage next time. I was led to the room at 5.22pm although our appointment is 5pm. While about to start the session, I was told to move to another room and that also made me forgotten to bring my slipper along! Seriously speaking, I had no idea why. I ended up asking the people to take the slipper for me, of course, the room had been taken up. That's really boo boo for disturbing the guy been massaged.

Though the massage is really great, I hope to go for more, but the cost package is way too expensive at the rate of $5500 with 100 session. That only come with massaging, no scrubbing at all unlike for the package both my wife and me are holding on. Yes, 10 sessions are more then enough for us. For the money, I think I can get the 5DMk2, or deep throat, lenses and battery pack. LOL. Or even, get the uPilot!

While wifey is waiting for me, she enjoy herself with green bean soup at the resting area.

The cosy area whereby wifey entered for the first time. In fact, usually both of us will request for couple room and it only located at Men's Spa.

The relaxing chair which operate simple massage. IMHO, the massage is useless tho.

The view to the greenery




Today we even went around searching for stroller and finally got the stuff in the end! The first stop we went is Kid's Hypermart at Kaki Bukit which I need to thanks my wife for doing so much researching on stroller and where to buy it cheap with good services. I love the place and many thanks to the salesgirl help, named Lulu. I can hear her accent is from China and funniest is what she came up with some Singlish too! Ok, she is very friendly and guided us through with so many questions and demonstrations. Appreciate a lot! For more story about the stroller, click on to the-ongies blog.


After the trip from Kaki Bukit, we went to IMM for some light window shopping. We gotten the drying clothe stand from Giant and for me, I got the fan from CyberActive. Weird that I had no idea why it does not work despite following the instruction by turning off the thermal control and using their cables. Damage cost: $24 initially but all thanks for my Safra card, I gotten discount of $7! Woo! Great huh!

New thermal fan I gotten from CyberActive at IMM today.

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