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Tuesday, January 20

Good bye my treadmill

Just when Char and me were talking about treadmill this noon during lunchtime, I began to love it a lot and I did see improve on my fatty tummy. I am not joking, because of my determination of jogging 3km non stop for 30min, I lose a lot of water from my water and as a result of my tummy is not as big as like a balloon! LOL

Suddenly this noon, I received a SMS regarding of my the treadmill that I posted on mocca before. After some discussion with wifey, we decided to let go it by tonight since the guy cannot make it this Friday to collect. In total, we still owed $900 by installment, but having the cash on hand to buy some other stuff, like paying misc things for baby.

Anyway, we felt sad tho, but glad that we did sell off the marvellous treadmill. We need to get some space out for the room. We had no choice.

I decided to get my ipod arm band, so that I can jog with it while listening to my fav dance music! Hoping that the jogging track nearby my house will finish it, so that I can enjoy the breeze while jogging.

The buyer will be dropping by later at night, so I need to faster do some touch up and cleaning.  I shall say good bye to our treadmill, we will miss you.

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