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Tuesday, January 20

Gone and byebye

Officially announced that the treadmill had been sold to a very nice gentleman earlier on. I was wondering why he told me that it does not matter how late it will be, the reason is because he got his workers to come down my house and pick it up. Guess that the boss trusted his worker because he did the inspection and tried the walking on treadmill. Given all the explanation to him earlier on and hope he will have great time running on it. As for us, we going physical training outdoor.

A sudden look at the room without the treadmill is so weird. Of course there is feeling to it! Been together for a year plus tho. Anyway, I took some pic of my crampy room before we move out to the living room and from tomorrow onwards, the place where the treadmill used to place will be replace by a cupboard tomorrow.

I am looking forward to the shoot tomorrow. Anxious and quite stress without knowing about it also. haha...

I will load the photos later on.

The position I used to jog onto the treadmill.

Poor wifey had to walk into the squeezy corner.

Good bye Treadmill...

But at least, it used to block off from the room to the living.

If you do not look out when entering, chances of knocking your head onto the treadmill is very high.

The walking passage to the wardrobe is quite limited.

Thats how cramp it look like when I enter the room each time.

Everything is so coincidence... why??? Carry on reading here....

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