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Monday, January 26

Chinese New Year Day 1

We were so lucky to get a space to park opposite SLS. As we knew that the carpark will be too crowded, not only me, a lot of drivers prefer to park by the road side. It is ok to park there since everyone come and go off. Of course, traffic wardens are much less strict to that stretch of road.

After the praying at the horrible crowds at waterloo st, we went to aunt house. I did not capture any photos at waterloo st because it is way too crowded, and thanks to my mom that went ahead from the side to the front which allow us to go in faster. I did not make any donation at the temple because of the people pushing around and it is too squeezy. Will need to go there and offer my praying again. We did not stay at aunt place for too long as the last stop that we wanted is grandma house. Thanks to darling baby luck, we gotten the lot again after just 1 round of looking for lot.

Before heading to grandma house, we need to go to the temple at Beo Crescent, Havelock road. The well known temple for devotees to go there and pray to Jade Emperor. No matter what renovation they did before, it is of not much use because the vendilation is quite bad, epsecially the front part. There's way too much of smoke and it kinda irritate everyone's eyes.

As usual, the whole MSCP were full and at the same time, one of the guy just came in and drove his car off. How incredible huh? Gotten another lot in less then 10min.

Our car gotten some dots which I do not know where it is from. Even after removing the dot, there's stain on my paint. Maybe claybaring will help I wash the car again. Love the shiny look. Thanks to Detail Spray from Duragloss.

The yummy Malay food ordered by my mom from the coffee shop which is located right below her workplace.

Mom helping herself with the Mee Rebus.

Cousin Ming's baby stroller

Relative having some chit chat session in grandma room

Niece trying to massage my cousin in law and you can see how fast they moved. LOL. Ok, due to slow shutter speed tho.

Just some random whole look in the room.

Everyone preparing to Lau Yu Sheng. This is hilarious tho because my cousin did not know that they do not come along with the radish and some other ingredient.

Starting to prepare the Yu Sheng ingredient and it really look so funny...

Tearing and pouring into the tray.

While mom and dad packing up some food before going off later.

The Yu Sheng ingredient mixed with vegetarian bee hoon. How weird right? This is because of the package that do not come along with the radish. So the bee hoon had been take over. According to my aunt, this is what she did before.. Weirdo.. but eat for the sake of HUAT AH!

That's the look tho....

Little niece kept on counting down 3 2 1 non stop for 4 times before everyone start...

Lau ah lau!!! Huat ah huat!

Grandma kept so happy with it and find it so funny..

The warmest shot

Let's dig in!

Mee rebus ingredient.

Gandma with cousin Ming baby

A shot of grandma with cousin Ming baby. (w flash)

Wifey posing with the food

Yummy right?

The doggie from the neighbour house ran over to grandma house and greeted by a lot of ppl. Too bad, nephew and niece went off already.

Trying to move around swiftly till I cannot capture it properly

While dad kept doing that, the dog thought that he is going to beat it. Thus the doggie barked non stop... Everyone thought it's my camera that the dog hate because been told by the owner that the dog hate black color. Haha

Before heading down to fetch my parents and relative, we had some cam whoring session in the car. I just realised that we never did that so this is it with self timer help.

Sweetie sweetie!

There we are posing for the third time

It's how ironic that when one of the my cousin's wife talk to another that her daughter will not be too popular because my baby is coming soon. It's quite funny tho but at least it is fun to have 2 babies at just 4months apart. Anyway, it is quite difficult to answer back tho. One of my cousin's hubby said that by then, the baby will be more fun because they will start to crawl and touch a lot of things. He also well known for smelling babies! It seem like that's his only distress therapy. Haha.

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