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Monday, December 1

Ultimately lazy

Been a long time since I shot for an event, which is my wifey's school annual concert. Happy that everything goes well till the end despite there's some disagreement.

Hard work been paid off and now everyone can rest and relax. Of course, supposed to have a gig but due to unforeseen circumstances, there's no update from the organiser. And since I had given the job to William, I shall honored my words which he will be the main photographer at time. After a short crash course during their rehearsal, the night shoot depend on him.

Since this is his first event shoot, I hope to see something good from him, especially the edited version.

Additionally, he kinda drool over L Lense and 5D. Good luck, pal. Ditch your 5D man. Now you understand the lovely high ISO and beautifully output as comparing to your 40D. Maybe considering of 5D MKII will be better. A pity that I do not have enough to upgrade, if not I will be happy to sell him mine camera.

I also sent my client's photos for printing and due to event time restriction, I cannot go and collect it though they finish developing. And by right, I wanted to get it today, but thanks to the lovely client coming to do the recording which I guess that it will drag the timing. *sigh*

Anyway, after the entire event, everyone went for splendid supper at Jumbo Seafood, Riverwalk.

Great supper at Jumo, Riverwalk. I cannot imagine that I am back to old work place for Jumbo Seafood eating session. Splendid meals and I hate to say that we really had a lot.

Food that they ordered was 10 course meal worth $388 and sorry that there's only 1 dish shown. Why? Guess that I do not have time to shoot the next few dishes.

Ken and Helena

Wife with her colleagues





2 tables in total. Great success to the annual Edvox Music School Talento VI.


The lazy Sunday made us felt so tired almost the whole day. Could be it due to the sun or the tiring Saturday? I really wonder why. I just do not feel like moving or doing anything despite wanted to polish the car.

Well, at least I finished the photo editing. I should have watch my The Unit Season 3 instead. And also, due to some disc error, I had been burning my games and wasted almost 4 of it! OMG. Due to the lazy Sunday feeling, I can even fallen asleep while while trying to play Guitar Hero : Areosmith. LOL

Oh, I finished half of my noval already! I am so happy that I going to finish it real soon! Ok, I admitted that I read during my wife sch concert. There's no place I can sit and I do not want to sit and relax watching the show while William is working. Well, I do hide beside him while reading my novel. The great music suit my reading feel. Marvellous.


On the separate issue, I really hope my neighbour can just shut the fucking dog up! I had no problem with you or your dog but please! You as an owner, shut your fucking dog up! Having it to bark at 11pm really pisses me off! If you going to let the dog bark like as if nothing is wrong, I will call the police for disturbing the neighbour hood! You are indeed a sure loser as an owner!

Give it if there's a NEED!

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