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Sunday, December 7

OMG! Another busy weekend!

Been a long time since we took a pix together at home!

For today, as I can say that it is not so smooth due to horrible sun which affect my entire body. I had irritating breathing from nose which can easily led me to fall sick! Sun, rain and then sunny again until at night, whereby it is very cooling tho.

The usual road to my mom workplace at Eu Tong Sen st had been blocked off from Fort Road till Nicolle Highway today due to marathon run. I should have travel via ECP but ended up traveling longer route! I drove past Chung Cheng High School till Guillemard road, so that I can go by Geyland road. As 2 lane had been blocked for runners, high traffic were expected. I thought I can go ahead along Kallang road, but I am unable to cut back to straight lane as I am on turning right lane and right turn arrow had been seen. So, I gotta go by longer road instead. Luckily I asked my dad if King George's Ave is accesible back to Kallang Rd (Victoria St), and by chance, it does since it is link via Jln Sultan.

For that, it took me around 40min to reach the destination instead of 20min!

Till noon, my dad and I went to fetch my big aunt at Telok Blangah before heading to my mom work place. There's some commotion going on as how to fetch my 3rd aunt and through the phone (her voice is extremely loud till everyone can hear it), she claimed that it is way too early to head up first. (Later on, my mom complaint that it is my big aunt who mixed up everything and I guessed that it is due to old age, they can't remember well *shrug*)

The plan had been changing until I am numb. Fetch wife together with my dad, mom and aunt before we head to Paya Lebar temple for thanking Tai Sui by end of the year.

After we done up everything, next is to drive to Hougang, where my working place is located, to fetch my 3rd aunt before going to 2nd aunt house at Sengkang. Confusing right? We got confused with which floor 2nd aunt are staying on and we moved from 8th to 7th and finally, the correct one at 10th. What a bobo all of us were today. After staying there for nearly 30min, everyone head out to my cousin house, who stay nearby 2nd aunt. Just about 10min drive tho. Funniest thing, we were at Blk 10 and the lift no stated 7th and 8th. How coincidence! Anyway, we didn't won the 4D.

Oh, the reason we went to the cousin house (Condo) was because of baby shower. I got to thanks both my cousin for giving us so many baby item. So grateful!

The condo pool was fun due to there's shallow pool which just cover our foot only! Of course, it there's step to go further down until knee level. We stayed until 8pm plus before we head home.

We did not seen to rest so much over this weekend and tomorrow, dim sum session! Hoping to finish asap so that we can get to rest till night time. Finally I am feeling better now, partly due to weather too.

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