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Wednesday, December 3

My comments on good n bad...

Something that I really like about this product. Making use of the dock to transfer files from office to home. But sad to say that it work for SATA I/II only but for mine is IDE. I just realised recently that I had an extra HDD in my dry cabinet which I put in there since the day I changed my computer.

I am planning to get 1TB hard disk for my media storage since it is getting low in capacity! Therefore, my current 500gb which is stored for media will be use for my photo storage. Meaning to say, one of the hard disk that is not in use can be converted as external drive for me to do some transferring. Of course, if it is a 320gb hdd, I can put it in Popcorn Hour for my movie/ drama session.

Now, I got so many to watch! Thanks for my coll who introduce me. Shows like, The Unit, Heroes, Knight Rider, Reaper, Chuck and My Name is Earl. I got a lot of movies too which is in 720p. Look great on my TV for sure. Now, gotta plan for my 1TB fetish n PCH!

Luckily I did some checking with my wife on my Citi$. To my surprise, I got 3780 citi$! That allow me to redeem for $50 Jack's Place and Isetan voucher! Kudos to my points! That show, having points is great! I only use 1 card to collect as many points as possible which allow to me play with it. I shall use my Daily$ on my Everydaycard soon, since the recent bill hit up to $200. thanks to the bloody 21%!

Talking about that. Please prostrate to some stupid rules set by LTA for giving way to the bus. Why? King of the road or what? Fine for $130 just because they cannot turn out? Usually when there's another bus coming, eventually they still be able to head out. Any problem with that? Or they are so tight up that they need some fine? My god, this is outrageous for implementing this rule on road.

This is the first time I drove on SLE and the jam was so bad from the BKE linking to SLE till Mandai exit. I got stuck for 15min and of course, I am the 2nd to reach in office. Phew. But then again, I was so foolish to stick to 2nd lane when I heard the traffic news to avoid 1st and 2nd. End up, the 1st lane is smoother after I turn into 2nd. Stupid me.

After exiting to AMK and was at filter lane, I did really something wrong as I dashed out immediately despite the van is getting close to me in about 30m, I reckon. Of course, I got stared but really apologise for such stupid mistake I made.


Felt that this is the seaon of ending relationship. Weird tho. I had no comments. And yes, I decided to cut down on food intake tho I mentioned umpteen times. Thanks to John Teoh gave me this site 2-3 years ago which is still in my bookmark.

I started to eat lesser and do some simple workout. I will be doing constantly for my health and of course, own good. Weekly swimming, 2-3 days jogging on treadmill and simple dumbell training with stretching exercise. Luckily my wife had the pilate mat whereby I can use it for my crunches. Often I made the floor oily and sweat too. LOL. After my training is getting good, I will head up to pheonix road to run up the hill, as that's what William told me to do some training there. I must be determine! Finger cross. Hoping to have some nice cutting on body which I do not need to have beautiful muscle after all.

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