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Friday, December 19

Just as expected....

No doubt everyone will have the 13mth bonus, but when my coll told me about it, in fact, everyone just do not have bonus at all. Why is this so? Stated in contract, 13mth is compulsory, so in a way to be much calculative, we do not have any of it this year.

Much of disappointment but at least everyone knew the reason why. Office moving plus renovating is not easy at all. Money had to put aside to pay off all the necessary items. In addition of losing account which caused much of disappointment but yet a smile from the team. Why? Hard to handle clients, which is very common.

Though our big boss said that there's slight increment for everyone, that actually gave some smile on our face. But the real facts should be calculated like this. The X% of increment is actually been divided from the 14mth.

If you earn Y amount of money, having 13mth, that actually gave you Y x2.
Having 14mth been add on, it should be Y x3, shall call it 3Y.

And since the company cannot give 3Y, they gave us 2Y and taking the remaining Y to be divided into 12mths. That should give everyone a decent X%. They give us slowly rather then one time to ensure everyone feel happy by end of year. This should be one of the worst moment I ever had. Hoping for the next following year to be better. I do not wish to complain anyway, but still cannot understand why someone can so lazy and yet getting fed?

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