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Thursday, December 18


While some others kept thinking why am I not in office for past 2 days (Monday and Tuesday), the reason is I AM NOT SICK! I am just out for photoshoot but due to weather been so weirdo, too many of it had to reschedule again again! Thanks for those who asked if I am that sick. LOL

I am just preparing for the tattoo photoshoot, which going to be showcase next year at Singapore Expo for Singapore Tattoo Show. Most of the tattoo studio had such poster in front of their shop. Welcome everyone to the show, but entrance is not free of charge tho.

We are hoping to wrap up the stuff as fast as we could but I am really praying hard for good weather.

Though there are a lot of things cock up, but all these effort will be paid off. *finger cross*

I cannot blog so much like last time for these 2 weeks. But definitely there will be updates on both of the blog.

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