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Monday, December 22


When big boss e-mailed to everyone about bonus, almost all of us thought that he assuring we will have 13mth since he verbally telling us about it last week. During lunch time, we kept guessing if he meant by extra or just assuring until our manager drop everyone an e-mail!

Great news tho. All of us will get slight bonus on top of X% of increment with 13mth. Thanks a lot! Everyone smile beautifully!

At least, I can buy milk powder for my baby girl!


The shoot is getting more and more tiring. Communication is one big important thing between my partner and me. I will not say who is wrong or right as I felt that we should work along and communicate better which to ensure everything goes well.

We had been shooting non stop these few days and the more we get hands on, the more time we spent on it. Not because of we are getting lazy, but more of what we should get. Just like playing mahjong, once you get your hands on, the longer you will play in order to achieve the tiles you wanted. Same goes for photographing.

I am happy that each and every shoot made us understand more, and what we should look out. Nevermind if we are lacking of, we will try and do with it. No worries, trial and error. We are on learning stage. Anger and fed up are inevitable, but at least that show we know where we stand. After talking through, we know the limitation and discuss before continuing. That's no wonder why some other people take a long time. But of course, once the idea is in, fret not about wasting too much of time.

I should look into the equipment of elinchrom. The reason is way simple: lacking.

With some of the studio shot I done recently, I felt that I know what I need. Things like skyport, reflector, reflector with grid (honeycomb), 600w x 2 and big softbox or even deep throat. All these will add up till 10K. If I ever won lottery, I will pour in money for what I need.


Our studio is looking for stylist, MUA and photographer assistant for helpout. If anyone out there with a little experience and want to explore in this field, drop me an e-mail.

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