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Tuesday, November 25

You are just one big freaking loser

While on my way back to home along PIE entering BKE up slope bend, and my car is on the 1st lane. On my left is a bus which require more power to push it and I noticed that there's no car in front it hence I decided to signal left, trying to go into 2nd lane. I also noticed that there's fast moving SUV Porsche, tailgating me until the end of the bend. I did not slow down at all hence I had already rev my engine to move faster despite whether this mofo is behind me or not.

Fancy me turn on my left signal, this mofo was way too close to me and also try to go into 2nd lane. For that, I hold back and carry on rev my engine until the end of the slope. Noticing the mofo speed up and turn his head towards me as if I am in wrong!

Now my angry part.

Hey hello! You freaking know how to drive? Do you need to tailgate someone, turn towards my direction and stare at me as if I am in wrong. You are fucking speeding and excuse me, you are fucking driving a porsche while mine is just a Nissan 4AT! Do you have any freaking idea what the hell you are doing? Fancy you cut lane from 2nd to 1st, then back to 2nd after overtaking the cars. Why? Are you trying to do some stunt? Sorry, I will not feel sorry for anything that happen to you because of your driving skill! I do not need to curse because I believe in Karma! You brainless mofo should be off the road!

PRICK is the word for you! Asshole!

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