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Thursday, November 27

What a day

Early morning having breakfast with my wife at her workplace, and I felt like having roti prata but it was closed. So I head for bao and yam cake instead. While enjoying my food, suddenly one police landrover was driving so slow and my wife asked me if it is here to summon. I said no because it is not usual for landrover to summon tho. But I was wrong.

Since morning, I kept thinking that as warden to come to this area so early, who will it be. And my question had been answered.

Parked at the far end, my car was the first to get the wonderful letter or receipt. Everyone stood up and the kopitiam uncle shouted that police come for summon! Well, when everyone was about to move to their car, the landrover finished their rounding and prepare to head off. I do not think they will strike off the car owner who get back. Somemore, before seeing the landrover, I saw a policeman buying food in front of me. What a day. Thanks! I bet due to economic down, polices are now on the ball rounding for summon tho. Beware and you had been warned. How I wish they just horn to inform us.

I shall not park there anymore and head for breakfast, I will rather buy and go back to office and eat!

Talking about office. Got back in office, stupid iTunes and quicktime gave me so much problem as I been restarting my comp for over 4 times! End up, the error occur with help is total useless. Next time if you had some error and tell you to uninstall quicktim and reinstall that, do not follow. It's bull shit. Just simply uninstall quicktime and itunes once and for all. Reinstall and you get back smoothly. Fancy me following non stop!

Anyway, the installation guide is shitty but I still love iTunes. Why? Use that to key in the CD library! Simple. Slot in the cd, tally the title and artistes, copy everything back to CD library and job is done. Do not need to type what it shown. Work smart not hard. The only shitty is the server of ours. I tried to save things to server, but it kept hanging on me. WTH, WTF and WTS. Well, I just save as to local drive and overwrite to server instead. Better and easier then having my computer hang like no other ppl business.

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