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Tuesday, November 11

Rain rain rain...

It had been raining non stop since Sunday until now. I remembered waking myself up at 5am to go for wedding assignment lest I dug back to my pillow and had no idea what time I will be awake since the weather was way too good.

The lightning is horrifying as if the sky is going to tear it into half. Alone on road made me felt so sleepy but luckily along Mandai Road towards Yishun, there's lorry and big truck accompanied me until Admiratly.

Rain seem to stop soon as it is not as heavy from the early stage. Luckily I remembered the road well enough as I did not get lost tho.

Wedding assignment on raining day is not good at all. Couple might get wet, but luckily for their brothers and sisters to use umbrella but how about photographer?

The breaking of door seem way too long and I bet the sisters really went overboard as the clock is ticking on and on. LOL. Nevertheless, the groom succeed. As photographer, I felt that using Aperture Priority will led me to haywire shot. I often set to f2.8 and forgotten to down the ISO when I am out under the bright daylight. 20 photos went overexposed but luckily I managed to save it by converting to B&W with artistic view. But I blamed for my own fault due to such careless mistake.

2nd time since my bro, Denjz wedding. I cannot forgive myself due to that and I vowed to do it nicer for the next one. I promise.

The full day wedding assignment can be really tiring but yet seem to be fun. Like rushing to eat when you saw the couple about to move out with your mouth full of food. No time to go toilet even! Guiding of couple as they may be lost including their parent too. Time checker if the brothers never work. Last, groom pour his feeling to me in bridal car when I have to tell him to calm down and feel easy.

What could be the most disaster thing that happen? Wrong setting! Got to check the playback occasionally which in order to make the photos are not over or under expose. And photographer had to go hungry when people are eating. Of course, not when the venue isn't hotel because there's no room to walk around and rest. I had to hide away from the crowds in order to rest. How I wish I can order a plate of fried rice at that time.

And also, lighting is super duper dim even tho when I pump up high ISO. Plus captain step on my foot while I'm trying to make a turn, and as a result ankle twisted is what I get.

What's the end of the day? Remember to take complimentary car ticket before you leave! And also, when the family thanks photographer for the great job.

What's the next sucky moment? Processing of photos! I finished up 1/3 out of 1050 photos in jpegs. Hoping to burn out and pass to client by end of wk for printing. If not, there's no time for me to go as tattoo photoshoot will keep me extra busy.


Sweet darling had been thinking why her good pal did not invite us to their wedding dinner until the day when she met them up at another pal of her's wedding dinner. I did not go due to wedding assignment.

Darling felt so happy meeting her friend and I hope she will be actively in facebook since her friend going to start a group in FB. This group is purely for themselves and actively updating what's the next gathering date.

Coming back to the reason, which is so funny. Wifey's friend, XH's hubby had her new contact number but XH don't. Wifey also sms XH's hubby if they require any help since at the same time we have something to ask. No reply means there's no need as told by him. Eventually, when XH failed to find my wife and me, they decided to find others to replace us, which is quite sad tho.

What's the best part? When XH asked her hubby why he did not tell her about my wife new contact no, he said that she never asked him so there's no need to! Isn't that funny that they did not communicate properly? LOL

Anyway, I am looking forward to the X'mas gathering at The Linear condo which is very near us. Congrats to the newly wed too!

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