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Friday, November 14

Oh? Is it doom or happy moment to some?

In short, after seeing and hearing, those who got it due to certain unexpected occasion, I bet that your feeling is, should I go or not?

That's it! Is this your kinda feeling now?

Anyway, the rest are indeed bless tho. Truthfully...

And yes, FRIDAY! You gotta stay happy and look forward.

I shall get more Dual Layer DVD for my certain stuff and my bloody hard disk is running out of space! Too much of Blu-Ray stuff!

I am hoping to get the rmvb device whereby I can hook up to my LCD TV. Apparently, it accept all kind of video format so I can finally watch BR format on my TV! It is great since the resolution is extremely big! (it totally stretch to my 24" LCD and I cannot make it smaller to watch it)

Thanks to my pal who had been very helpful. :)

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