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Wednesday, November 19

My feeling and old days...

Apparently, both my partner and me at work really felt this by the sudden increase of work load.


Why I say my Nikon Coolpix is good? Ha! I can snap photo without my SD card in it and by surprised, it is still in the camera memory. I do not know other cam tho, so do not slam me for been foolish. I also do not know how many photos can I store. It's by accident I forgotten to put the SD card in.

I took my car charger photos and realise I didn't slot my SD card in at all as I wanted to show my pal, W.

There you go.

The overall look of my new phone charger. Since I have quite a few of USB cables at home, might as well get this charger whereby it is much user friendly. I can even charge my wife hp at the same time too.

The only minus point will be the cable is not the usual curvy type like normal car charger. Because I can stretch it, for this I can only use rubber band. But still make it look neater tho.

Love this charger a lot as there's 2 x USB and extra socket in the middle where the cap is closed.


By chance, I finally hooked up with my old Sec Sch mate through MSN. Realising he forgotten some of the guys in NCC, hence I upload the pic in Facebook of mine. And that also made me wanted to scan even more photos, like my own class and other misc photos. I will constantly upload the photos when I got more time. Decided not to have high DPI as I set to 150 which is more then enough.

Yearly class photo before everyone go for holiday. I can't rem this is Sec 4 or 5 tho

I had no idea when and where both of us took this pic! LOL

Just outside NCC room for our bo liao shoot. On the right is where the range located.

Speech Day '97. Everyone on Guard Of Honor dressing. One of the best drill we ever had, 1 sound for all. I still remember till this day.

Geez... I can't rem when this is taken?

My buddy, John... Anyone know his whereabouts?
Geez... I can't rem when this is taken?

1995 class photo at the Parade Square. LOL

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