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Wednesday, November 26

Just a little of remarks

I'm having bad headache thus went to see my doc in the morning but the number that I got was damn astonishing! Number 17! And when I looked up at the number display, stated 1. According to the clinic assistant, she told me to get back in ah hour half, hence I make a move to have my breakfast first. And also, the number 1 patient had in the room for pass half hour.

Since that is so, my wife, mom and me went to TMC, CCK for wifey monthly check up. The wait was ultra long as there's too many big tummy woman pacing up and down while waiting for their turns. Past nearly 30min for wifey turn to see the doctor. The whole checking is barely 10min, but the wait for medicine is almost nearly 20-30min again. OMG! We consider lucky that we had breakfast opposite the clinic first. More details on scanning will be in other blog.

When I got back to Teck Whye clinic, I saw the display showing number 16! I was overwhelmed as I came in just nice in timing. Apparently, not. The next number call up is no. 12, which drop from 16 due to skipping of turn. The wait was not long as it took just about 10min. Yes, gotten MC due to my giddness since yesterday. Total time spent: near 2.5hrs. Got back 11.43am.

Ok, tomorrow I got a lot of CDs to update. It's ok. Fine. And yah, I made a boo boo for printing wrongly on the DVD when the content belong to anothers. This is a serious mistake i ever made (for now).


I need to thanks my whole collegaue who gave the wonderful ang pow yesterday! Yup, I knew when the party is already and there's no surprises anymore because, I bet numb is the word for almost everyone in the office. Can we just terminate, abolish the whole office celebration next year and have department makan session instead?

Many thanks to my lovely coll contribution for my Birthday ang pow. Much appreciated and it comes in handy for saving due to my baby! :)

I shall sound out who contribute to this lovely ang pow.
To all my lovely Colls! CHEERS!

Name shall be in initial as I felt it is better then announcing their names. :)

SM, KL, AG, MC, MC, WT, WT (there's no typo on double names), SW, NG, YT, ML, MG, CT, MK, SB, IL & RJ

Not to forget my boss, who gave me $50 worth of Capitaland Voucher! So much appreciated! I am so glad!

Thanks for the nice fruit cake from Four Season, though I seldom eat such cake and almond, but it is extremely nice! Plus, not to forget the thin nice Ritez Pizza too. Both tuna and BBQ Chicky are awesome!


Let me talk about some stuff on BTH center parking lot.

This is the new parking lots at BTH center, which is on the right side of the building, facing to it. Just look at how tight the wide it is. Since they implement car labels, they should limit how many cars in this building.

Fancy them having the so many lots, and there are still some idiotic trying to park into non lot. Even when there's lot on the right, no one will bother to park there, why? The wide is god damn tight for parking, let alone going out when there's car in front and behind of mine. I was only 6 inches on left (the other car), and right (the wall). That's insane!

Shall I call myself been skillful?

A better view of how tight it is. Not easy at all, ok? Fine, 1 dumber just do not know how to park in lot.

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