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Friday, November 7


Yeah, finally it is Frday! I had no idea why am I thinking the next day is when the day is just Wednesday!

Sorry, I do not celebrate my Birthday at all, so it should not be one reason why I love Friday. I just going to laze at home with my Guitar Heroes: Legend of Rock! It's so fun till I am so much addict to it.

I just read about Yukun blog and it is so much funny because of the images. Also, I wish his dad recover soon, cheers bro.

I hate been called any nickname already because of my size. And due to that, I must undergo some diet and make sure I slim down. If I can!

You seeing me in this way while doing some exercise!

Oh yah, maybe if you really want to listen the music I selected, just go download Yahoo! Media Player: foxytune on your Firefox.

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