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Thursday, November 13

Feeling good!

Initially I had no idea what am I suppose to blog until it just flash my mind of what I want to say.

Yes, I finished the photos editing and I be scanning through from first photo to the end, which to ensure all photos were properly edited. Only that, I can send the DVD to my client for developing. I should not tell my client in future that I be doing developing. With few experience, I dare to say my charges will go up . For now, I am waiting for answer from another client which had not tell me if it's a go or not. On the other hand, Jackson's friend will be calling me for quotation. Hoping to grab the deal even tho it is tough job.

Lawrence will be borrowing the camera from me tomorrow, so he got no choice but to head down to my workplace.

Sometime it is not good to know too much but I bet that this person deserve nothing but my middle finger!

There's no need to pour everything out but in short, you are
useless fella that need someone to cover. You are just someone who need
to spoon feed!

Does this suit what we were thinking of? hmm....

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