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Tuesday, November 25

Congrats Gwen!

This morning, Gwen just smsed me about her newborn baby! Congrats to you and your family. Gave birth at 7.19am, weighting 2.8kg.

Maybe when you are resting at home and nothing to do, go to my The-Ongies blog and check out something interesting. You might want to get that babykeeper!


I am no looking forward to the party later on. Why? Birthday is on 8th and until today, 25th of Nov, then they start celebration. I cannot blame others been so busy and of course, someone just had her B'Day last weekend. But still find it quite long ago. LOL. They should not ever implement B'Day party in office anymore. Just within department celebration will do and everyone is much closer tho. Not like some awkward feeling when everyone eyes stare at the monkey cutting cake.

Anyway, no revealing so much. But I do hope everyone around me will feel better and good. Do not because of certain setbacks, make your life miserable. This week seem a bit tense as not just one having problem on their own. I hope the rainbow will shine and everyone will be happy again.

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Fabbie said...

Thanks josh! hehehee okai looking at it now

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