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Sunday, November 16

Busy weekend!

Now fuel drop to almost E after yesterday islandwide tour! LOL.

Anyway, the Malay wedding is purely just Muslim. I applaud to the whole set up tho.

The crowds came and from the photos, there are a lot of people gathering. Under void deck, that's where the band members were jamming.

By the way, today I really SPENT a lot!

First, as my DVD writer went haywire, I got it at Challenger, Parkway Parade.

Bought this new internal LG drive for $59 from Challenger.

Good bye to my old External Drive. Just dumped into recycle bag which the council provide.

Secondly, went to Best Denki and got the earphone!

Bought this nice earphone for my sweet wife as she need a pair to listen to Mozart music. Sennheiser earphone costing $21.90.

Thirdly, while paying this earphone, my mom told me there's offer on shaver.

Gotten this BrAun shaver at the discount of $69 at Best. Usual pricing, $139. Thanks to my mom who bought this for me so that I will not need to scare of cut on my face ever again. Much as I do hoped for Series 7, but since it can use, why not.

The classic design and to be frank, this is my first electric shaver!


For dinner, it's nice. Why? The photos show it all!

The herbal chicken that had been cut. LOL

The yummy herbal chicken that my wife prepared for the dinner. I can dare to say that I seldom eat such food, but today dinner... it really make me feel like eating more of it! It's way too tasty!

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