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Friday, August 8

Wrong date!!!

I smsed David to confirm the timing and venue later on for the wedding ROM at Shangri-La, Sentosa earlier on when he quickly phoned me back telling me that the date is wrong! He got mixed up for the month! OMG! Boy I was lucky that I never pack my camera stuff last night! Charging of batteries was the only thing I did.

It is ok that I did not get to shoot today hence I went to cancel my leave again. David will call me later to confirm the exact date, which might be on either 8th or 18th of Sept. After checking on my calendar, both of the days are weekday. I had to take leave to do the job, which I do not mind, but the only thing that worry me is that 8th of Sept is Monday! My IPT starting on 25th of Aug till 24th of Sept for both Monday and Wednesday, 7-9pm. If that really crash together, perhaps I got to do make up lesson. David told his cousin that the price will be different because it is actual customary wedding! OMG.... What another boo boo of David. I chided David for making such a big mistake! LOL. He kept apologizing, but there's nothing what I can do, hence I just let it be still waiting for the call tho....

I do not mind even if I took a day leave because my parents went to Toa Payoh to pray. Sigh... why are they taking bike again without telling me they are heading for praying. I could and should have go with them. It made me feel guilty even more when I just knew about it this morning.

Anyway, Randy gave me a link about using salt and water to make the clock work without using any of the battery! It is just USD16!

Isn't that cool?

There's more that you can look at it here. Their main site.

I like the weather-forecasting wall clock more.

This is the one that I like it a lot! But costing USD90. :( Luv the flag look with 3 different information.

Isn't it cool?

I wanted to find such format for desktop screen saver. Weather is important to us tho. LOL

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